Just a Spec

A State of CSS

September 13, 2023 Jared White & Ayush Newatia Episode 10
Just a Spec
A State of CSS
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The results of the 2023 State of CSS survey are in, and we're here to break it all down and uncover the most interesting nuggets and opportunities as we look ahead to the future of CSS and the web platform. But not before some spicy meta chat on open source governance and how frequent contributors are treated in light of the recent Hotwire Turbo / TypeScript debacle.

Hosted by Jared White & Ayush


Hot takes on the Hotwire Turbo draaaama…
"Open source is not about you" …uh… 🤨
The State of CSS 2023 Survey
Looking at feature popularity like CSS Variables
Major bummer alert: shadow DOM styling awareness
Shifting educational approach?
And now a look at CSS frameworks! heh heh
CSS-in-JS — similar trend towards more vanilla approaches
Props to Open Props!
Still bringing the Sass…
Writing CSS/HTML or writing JavaScript?
Top 3 CSS pain points
The Big Takeaway is…